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Company’s ZK100 Touch Display Brings Targeted, Hands-On Brand Experience Directly To Customers

NEW YORK, March 26, 2013 – Zoomkube, a leading provider of large scale, self-contained interactive marketing display solutions, launched the ZK100. This sleek stand-alone mobile touch display kiosk allows brands and marketers to engage consumers through interactive experiences, and capture critical CRM and behavioral data. The Zoomkube ZK100’s proprietary design includes a mobile component that allows it to easily be moved, thereby better meeting client campaign needs on demand. The technology’s scalable and flexible CMS-based network enhances brand campaigns by allowing consumers to interact on a 55” digital platform, while the platform provides the brand with real-time feedback regarding user activities and contact information. This business model is a cost-effective and enticing solution for brand/consumers interaction, as the devices are available for rental on an event / weekly basis through contracts.

Zoomkube is committed to bringing products to market that make customer engagement easily accessible for brands, especially those who have meetings, conventions, product launches, or other brand events. The new ZK100 is a “turn-key plug and play” solution that enables companies to integrate their brand creative into Zoomkube’s templates. The platform provides real-time feedback of the campaign from beginning to end, allowing a brand to build relationships with specific consumers. Throughout each campaign, Zoomkube provides detailed, up-to-the-minute CRM, behavioral, and campaign performance reporting to the brand. In addition, Zoomkube developed a proprietary CMS and campaign management software to manage and update unlimited campaigns across global markets.

“The Zoomkube ZK100 demonstrates the next level of brand touch-campaign innovation,” says Zoomkube’s vice president, Christian Mouritzen. “With the strong increase in Smart Phones and Tablets, consumers are used to interacting with brands through touch experiences, but the cost of custom large display apps limits these types of engagements. With Zoomkube, brands now have a cost-efficient alternative to engage consumers through interactive brand experiences.”

The versatile capabilities of the Zoomkube units are designed to be moved from location to location based upon the client’s events and target audiences. The new ZK100 includes a 55” touch display screen, a built-in camera for apps that involve image sharing, capabilities for badge scans, and a heater/air conditioning system for outdoor usage. It can be connected via ethernet, Wi-Fi, or cellular allowing a brand’s potential consumers the ability to post (pre-set) messages to Facebook and Twitter about the experience for which they are engaging.

“Through our new proprietary campaign management software, we provide quantifiable results for marketers to understand their audience on a personal level,” Mouritzen continues. “As a company, Zoomkube feels the ZK100 will help build long-term relationships between brands and consumers, anywhere anytime.”

Zoomkube’s reports consist of statistical behavioral insights, consumer sign-ups, social media activity, cross-display activity comparisons, and campaign performance for individual markets and across markets. Zoomkubes can be used in and outside stores, in and around convention sites, at stadiums, inside hotels and restaurants, and inside hospitals and medical buildings. For more information on Zoomkube, please visit

About Zoomkube

Zoomkube is a California-based company specializing in the creation of independent mobile touch display solutions that drive interactive brand messaging to consumers on the move. Using portable and touch integrated units, Zoomkube displays can be placed anywhere to maximize advertising and branding campaign exposure, while also recording behavioral data from users in real time. This allows the inherent CRM capabilities within the units to offer brand managers comprehensive details on the effectiveness of their campaigns. Zoomkubes’ team consists of experienced marketing and display professionals across various fields.

Zoomkube Solutions

Weekends, special events, conventions, product launches, concerts, grocery stores, etc.

Plug & Play

  1. Choose your target locations
  2. We integrate your creative into our software templates
  3. Zoomkube rollout, campaign launch, monitoring, and move out
  4. We manage your campaigns end-to-end
  5. We provide detailed CRM, behavioral and campaign performance reporting

How We Do It

We have created a solution managing your entire campaign to make it as easy for you as possible:

  1. We have built multiple touch display Zoomkubes using one or more touch screens in various sizes such as 55", 4 x 55", and 9 x 47"
  2. Our Zoomkubes are mobile and can easily be moved from location to location based on your clients' events and target audiences
  3. We have developed a proprietary CMS and Campaign Management software that allows us to:
    • Manage multiple campaigns across multiple displays locally, nationally and internationally
    • Change campaigns and messaging on the fly
    • Distribute unique app experiences to multiple displays
  4. Our software templates allow us to use your existing creative campaigns to create cost-efficient consumer reach or we can easily build custom templates for unique experiences
  5. Our extensive reporting platform allow you full insight to lead generation and behavioral data, and campaign performance reporting.

Campaign Management

We will manage all of your campaigns through our CMS and scheduling tools. As a client, you will have a designated account manager to work with on a day-to-day basis, however, you will call the shots. Implementation of campaign coverage, timing and more can be achieved on the fly as your account manager continuously optimizes your campaign performance.

Campaign Management


Each touch environment allows us to capture rich consumer data that we provide to you in your preferred reporting format, like:

  • Behavioral data - information accessed, participation, time spent
  • Consumer sign-ups - promotions, coupons, trials, contact info
  • Social media activities - signing in with Facebook or Twitter accounts, "likes", sharing
  • Cross-display activity comparisons
  • Campaign performance for individual markets and across markets

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